kWeld power supply recommendations

I am happy to announce that the next batch of kWeld is in production. I accept pre-orders through my shop. All pre-order products are on sale with a 10% discount until Nov 30!


  1. FunDeckHermitNL says:

    Could you reverse the order of articles in your blog?

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks for the remark, done!

  3. rsolimeno says:

    I would like to purchase but you are out of stock! Can you let me know when this will be available again?

    • Frank says:


      sorry for that. I was a bit surprised myself that I would run out of stock in less than a week. I will arrange a new batch as soon as possible, my first rough estimate is that I will be able to start shipping those by the end of December.


  4. nachosmooth says:

    I’m very interested in your product… but I arrived late. Please, as soon as you have more let us know.
    If I can help you let me know ????

    • Frank says:

      Sure, I hope that I can organize another production batch such that I will be able to ship before the end of this year. I will inform through the newsletter as soon as I have a definite schedule.

  5. Alan says:

    I am interested in your spot welder… Please let me know if your spot welder is available as a complete unit, that is, no assembly required other than adding an adequate or proper power source. I am interested only in using your spot welder, and not assembling it. My intention is to build my own battery packs for an EBike project. Your welder appears to be a very good option to be part of my project.
    Thank you,

    • Frank says:

      Hi Alan,

      as of today I have no plans to offer the welder as a complete product, as this would require going down the lengthy route to international product certifications (CE, FCC, UL, etc etc). This would eat up significant time and money, and kWeld is a small niche tool that does not justify this.

      If you order finished cable sets, the final assembly is quite simple and only involves some basic mechanical tools. The electronics module is fully tested, but if you should experience problems I will be there to help. I hope that this helps you in your decision 🙂


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