kWeld – Next level battery spot welder
kWeld – Next level battery spot welder

What is it?

A DIY electric conversion kit for the Oxelo Town 7 XL kick scooter ( All you need is the scooter, the kit, some basic mechanical tools and approximately two hours of your time.

After charging the battery the first time, we recommend showing it to your friends. From a first look, they will probably not even notice anything special. No bulky battery bag, no throttle. If they do notice something, then it will probably be the rear wheel that looks slightly different.

Tell them to just go ahead as if they would ride a normal kick scooter - there is no learning curve to climb. They will still have that impression of agility and freshness that comes with riding a kick scooter, but they will notice one important difference: they will not slow down when facing head wind, nor when climbing up a rise. It feels like all friction is completely removed, even on uneven road surfaces like paving stone or gravel. They kick the scooter once, and it just keeps rolling.

That feeling is what lead us to call it surfing.

They may ask, what happens if I want to brake, or step off the scooter? Simple answer: again, they will not notice the difference to a regular scooter.

Caveat: in certain countries like Germany, if you want to ride these on public road traffic, you have to go through the effort of registering them, and provide accident insurance. In this case, you can use the street legal mode instead. It works like a Pedelec: it recognizes each time you kick the scooter, and boosts your leg power during that moment.

What are the odds?

The kicksurfer kit has been designed with three main goals in mind:


Despite it being a DIY conversion kit, you only need a cordless screwdriver, a set of metal drills, a file assortment, a ruler (if available: caliper), and a hacksaw (if available: multifunction rotary tool). The mechanical work on the base scooter is limited to a few cuts and drill holes. The electronic controller comes preprogrammed to work right out of the box.


You can tailor your personal conversion project to your own ideas, skills and budget. Download the model and print the housing on your own 3D printer. Make your own battery. Or maybe you already have a suitable charger? Use our online shop to select only the parts that you really need.


No learning curve - feels exactly like a regular kick scooter.
Easy to carry - one of the most lightweight electric scooters on the market.
No levers, no handles, no switches - the controller powers up automatically and senses the driver's actions and reacts seamlessly.
Driver detection ensures automatic torque cutoff when the driver steps off the scooter.
Use your Smartphone via Bluetooth and collect trip information, monitor controller data and adjust settings, or update the firmware.

The specs?

Assisted speed: 20 km/h
Motor: brushless hub motor with integrated tyre, 350W, 6.7Nm
Battery: LiIon 6S2P, 21.6V, 5.8Ah, 125Wh, genuine brand cells
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Range: 10 - 15km
Weight: 8.0kg

How can I get it?

The project is currently in transition from working prototypes into a proper kit that can be mass produced at a competitive cost. A first round of 100 kits is planned through a crowd funding campaign, and this also answers the above question: you can help us making the transition into a proper product by telling your friends about it. Support us by talking about it in online forums. Sign up to our newsletter to receive email updates. We will regularly post updates on progress of this project in our blog section.

Have fun!


  1. rkatsma says:

    Hi Frank
    Looks nice this new project
    We have a large scootershop so we are interested in this
    If you have news lets us know please and we see the next step
    I will order a step in the uk
    Rob Katsma

  2. rkatsma says:

    Link to the scootershop;

    Rob Katsma

  3. jkglind says:

    looks good, perfect to have on the yacht, what is the anticipated price range?

    • Frank says:

      I am sorry but this project is currently on hold in favor of others. My anticipated price target was in the region of 500€, but there is still a lot of work and money to invest to make this series production fit. I’ve been driving the prototype for more than two years on a daily basis, and it is really a pity that I cannot continue this at the moment.

    • says:

      If you have a yacht, does it really matter?

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