kWeld – 3D printed housing (STL model)
kWeld – laser cut housing kit

kWeld – laser cut housing (DXF model)


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This DXF file allows you to make a case for your kWeld using your own laser cutter, or through one of the available online services.

The construction is designed for 3mm thick sheet material.

This is based on a contribution from a kWeld user who asked me if I could share his design with the community. Thanks a lot for this, Daniel!

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Update Feb 02, 2018: revised model uploaded, matching the purchase item The assembly manual update is in preparation.

Update Mar 26, 2018: revised model uploaded with simplified ventilation design.

3 reviews for kWeld – laser cut housing (DXF model)

  1. phimotorcycles (verified owner)

    The dimensions in the downloaded file are too big. I think there is a mistake in converting from mm to cm, please check and update.

  2. Frank

    The dimensions are millimeters. DXF doesn’t encode it’s export unit, so you need to configure your tool to the correct unit before importing. Double-checked, FreeCAD (using mm) loads the file correctly.

  3. william feijen (verified owner)

    I cut these at my university laser cutter and the dimensions were perfect! (used autocad to convert)

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