kWeld – electrode set
kWeld – input connectors

kWeld – cable and electrode holder set

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New design featuring C14500 (tellurium copper) CNC’ed electrode system for more heat handling capacity and improved handling:

All bits and pieces that are required to fully assemble the kWeld cabling, including a pair of electrode holders. The power input connection consists of loose cable ends, you need to add a connector that matches your power source. Suitable XT150 power connectors are available in the shop.

2 CNC machined copper electrode holder
1m AWG8 silicon high flex wire, red
4 10qmm / M6 ring cable shoe
4 isolation caps for cable shoes
2 heat shrink tubing, diameter=12mm, length=85mm

This article is already included in the full kWeld kit and sold here separately to allow purchasing only specific components of the kit. You decide which parts of the complete system you want to purchase and which parts you want to source yourself locally.

This article comes in two different flavors:

Without assembly service: you receive all parts (cable in one piece) and process them by yourself. This requires access to a suitable crimping tool with inserts for 6.5mm diameters, and a heat gun. A detailed assembly guide is part of the system assembly manual.

With assembly service: choose this option, if you like to receive fully machined and assembled parts.

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
completion grade

loose parts, assembled


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